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All information, documents and services available on the site are for the purpose of broadcasting the notion of love, fraternity and agreement between individuals and peoples, to join together the artistic aptitudes of each and everyone, particularly those of children,in the areas of writing, photography, graphics and music around the theme of love. The collection of "I Love You"s" and the work of "The Wall of I Love You"s" reinforces this universal symbol of love. declines all responsibility as to the interpretation or utilization the user may make of the contents of this site.

1) Editorial Charter

The editorial staff of the site of is concerned with the validity and general interest of the information communicated in the site. They promote no political or religious cause, nor ideology nor interest group.
The information contained in the site is submitted to an editorial committee for its approval of the validity of the contents and its verification of the respect of the code of ethics.Users may ask questions here..

2) Permits and Reproduction Rights of

The site, texts, iconography and graphics of the site are the intellectual property of the different authors cited.
Le mur des je t'aime, les je t'aime and their logos are registered trademarks. All unauthorized use of the names or logos is forbidden.
All reproduction, complete or partial, whatever the procedure, is totally forbidden and will be punishable by article 425 of the penal code, except in the case of authorization obtained in advance from the legal owner(s). (Particular cases: see below para No. 4: "User Rights of Documents contained in the Site
Any other trademark presented on the site is the property of the company concerned. the contents of the pages of our partners remains their intellectual property. Any reproduction is totally forbidden without advance written authorization of said partners. In the case of citations of original texts, the name and url of the site must appear clearly or in the form of a hypertext link.

3) Hypertext Links declines all responsibility for the content of exterior sites to which the user may have access through hypertext links placed on his site. At the same time, the mention of a trademark or name of company does not engage the editors of the site as to the quality of the products or services rendered. equally states its independence concerning the partners listed in the different headings. Also, is not responsible for litigations which could arise between a user and one of his partners on the occasion of any commerce on line or any other operation. Also, has no control over partner sites, and therefore cannot be held responsible for the enforcement of the law by the latter. declines all responsibility for whatever may be said in discussion forums and chats either general or private..

4) User Rights of Documents Contained in the Site

In conformity with the law, the visitors of the site have the right to personal and private use of the contents of the site as a whole.
Thus, they may reproduce all or part of the contents for stockage on their personal screens, to copy, save, print, or download for personal musical files, all of the latter in one copy.
La Commercialization via internet, either on paper support or on whatever other support, of the different documents present on the site is strictly forbidden.
Any other reproduction or rediffusion of information contained in the site will only be possible after written agreement by the authors or those explicitly mentioned in the item. Any violation of these imperative conditions will submit the offender, and all other persons responsible, to penal and civil sanctions foreseen by the law.
In the case of citation of original texts, the name and url of the site must appear clearly or in the form of a hypertext link.

Particular Cases

E-cards, musical files and wallpapers.

The different authors whose works are presented in the subheadings:"E-cards", "The I Love You"s" in Music" and "Wallpapers" gives to the User who agrees a permit with the following conditions:
The visitors of the site possess not only the right of personal and private use of the contents of the headings "E-cards", "The I Love You"s" in Music" and "Wallpapers" (they may therefore reproduce all or part of the contents for stockage and representation on their personal screen, to save, copy, print, download for private listening of musical files) and are also invited to diffuse these documents on the web, without limitation in the number of copies. However,the liberty of diffusion of these documents on the internet implies that the user is prohibited from establishing any form of commerce thereof.

5) Personal Information may gather information through different means:

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With respect to article 34 of the law "Information and Freedom" of 6 January 1978, you have at all times the right to access, rectify, modify or suppress any of this personal information. In order to benefit from this right, you should write to us at stipulating in the subject: Change of Personal Information. You may also send us a mail to Vitrine de France Communication, 21, Rue Maréchal Foch 45320 Courtenay Loiret France.
The information that you communicate to us may be revealed for reasons of establishing statistics, but in no case will email or personal addresses be distributed or sold outside. They will simply allow us to establish user profiles in order to better determine your wishes.

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